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 If I was choosing a new agency to partner with in the insurance industry…    

This is EXACTLY the team I would want to be on.

The current market is PERFECT for insurance agents. Do you want to be part of the FASTEST GROWING TEAM and have one of the BEST OPPORTUNITIES in a lifetime? 

Let’s do it
What is most important to you?

✅ Moving and shaking the industry

✅ Premium lead strategies 

✅ Training that you will carry for a LIFETIME

✅ Teaching YOU how to grow your own agency

✅ Award winning technology to help YOU sell more

✅ A team of underwriting genies that help you while you’re in the appointment

✅24/7 support

✅Top carrier contracts for you to make the MOST money from EACH contract signed

Still not convinced I see…

Of course a team sounding THIS good can create some skepticism. I of all people understand that.

Thats why I wrote a book about it. 

Many people and agencies have tried to tell me they are the best. I have only lead down a path of disappointment and ultimately lost trust in the ENTIRE industry.


That is why my partners and I created our own.


So we can beat out the competition and show agents the reality of what this career path can be.  

Looking for GROWTH? 

We grew 564% our first year. REAL GROWTH. 

That growth comes from our dedication to be honest and work as hard as we can for you. 

FUNNY. Honesty and HARD WORK make the difference in a business.

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Meet the Team

My mission in life is not to merely survive, but th thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style- Maya Angelou

We Are Archangel.

“As the name suggests, Archangel is a team of angels by your side. The management team offers support for whatever level you are on to help you reach all your goals. Additionally, we are able to participate in many team building events, community bond strengthening events, and the opportunity to work in person or remotely nationwide  in whichever state you are licensed. Lastly, I've been in this field for roughly 5 years and I truly love what I do but the compensation structure that Archangel uses has helped to elevate that passion to the next level!!”#AnAngelByYourSide

Jessica - Archangel Broker since 2021

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